Frequently Asked Questions and Forms

Have a question for us? Take a look at the list of FAQs below for quick answers to the questions we hear the most and a list of our required forms.

Securityholders will have access to view their registered holdings, report a lost or stolen securities certificate, request a DRS statement, add or change your email address and email preferences and more any time, 7 days a week. Clients will have access to their registered securityholder register(s) and various reporting on demand any time.

Please contact us at to obtain your user ID required to register for online services. Registered securityholders must provide the name in which their securities are registered, their full mailing address, phone number and email address and a security check will be performed.

If you are a registered securityholder and have registered for online tools (see previous Q&A for more information), this is the easiest way. Alternatively, you can complete and submit an Account Update Form by email or mail.

Complete the Securities Transfer Form in full following the instructions noted thereon regarding a Signature Guarantee from a recognized Medallion program or acceptable Canadian Schedule I bank (BNS, TD or RBC only), and provide supporting documents. Submit to us with the relevant DRS statement or original securities certificate.  Please note that if you wish to transfer your securities to your brokerage firm or other financial institution account, the firm must submit the transfer request. Additionally, regular signature guarantee stamps are not accepted from the brokerage divisions of the banks listed above (e.g. Scotia Capital Inc, TD Securities or RBC Dominion).  These firms must provide a medallion guarantee.

A medallion guarantee may be obtained from a broker-dealer, some Canadian banks and most US banks, a clearing agency, savings association, or other financial institution that participates in a recognized Medallion program such as STAMP, SEMP or MSP. There is a searchable database of STAMP participants available here and the following are some potential medallion services providers outside of Canada:

United Kingdom:


Online – US residents only:

Complete the DRS Deposit Request Form and submit with the original securities certificate(s). We will mail or securely email your DRS statement to you.

Please complete our Account Update Form (registered securityholders only) and deliver following the instructions thereon.

We are required by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) to determine with greater certainty that as a non-resident of Canada, you, as the recipient of dividend, distribution or interest income, are the beneficial owner of the securities for which the payment is being made, and that you are a resident of a country with a reduced treaty rate for non-resident withholding tax. Without an NR form on file, the default non-resident withholding tax rate of 25% will be withheld and remitted to the CRA on any future payment. Once received by us, the NR3 Declaration will remain valid for a period of three years. Individuals, joint tenants and individual trustees/trusts must complete NR301, partnerships must complete NR302 and Corporations and all other Entities must complete NR301 or NR303 as applicable.
If the signature(s) of the authorized signing officer(s) are not guaranteed by a member of a recognized Medallion Guarantee Program, and instead a Signature Guarantee from BNS, RBC or TD Bank has been obtained, then we will require a Corporate Resolution, Resolution of Sole Director/Officer or in the case of a Partnership, a certified copy of the Partnership Agreement. If it is registered in the name of a trust without a defined trustee, please contact our office for additional instructions.

Complete the Securities Transfer Form in full. If you are able to obtain a signature guarantee from a recognized Medallion program, we do not require any supporting documents because the Medallion guarantee certifies that you have the authority to sign. If you obtain a signature guarantee from BNS, RBC or TD, we will require notarial certified copies of the Letters of Administration or Probate and fully completed Declaration of Transmission. In the case of an estate that is not probated, the Last Will & Testament, an affidavit certifying that it is the Last Known Will & Testament and a Declaration of Transmission completed in full will also be required.  If the Issuer is public, we will require a Waiver of Probate Bond.  Please contact us directly for further information.


Account Update Form

Corporate Resolution

Declaration of Transmission

Meeting Information Form

DRS Deposit Request Form

Power of Substitution Release Form

Resolution of Sole Director

Securities Transfer Form (Stock Power)

Accredited Investor Forms