Corporate Actions Services

Our services include:

Depositary Agent

  • Full range of depositary services including offers to purchase, issuer bids, plans of arrangement and more unique, tailored programs such as odd lot buy/sell programs
  • Examine Letters of Transmittal for accuracy and completeness, assist securityholders to resolve defective tenders and return any withdrawn tenders
  • Maintain a complete register of tenders received, provide daily reports and prepare a final list of accepted tenders to designated individuals
  • Handle online processing for the Canadian Depositary for Securities (CDS) via the CDSX system

Paying Agent

  • Payments to securityholders for cash dividends, and other corporate distributions using efficient, automated solutions that maximize securityholder convenience
  • Includes EFT and wire payments
  • Tax reporting and remittance services upon request

Rights Offering Agent

  • Issuance and distribution of rights securities and offering materials
  • Handling exercises, oversubscriptions and sales for ineligible holders

Exchange Agent

  • Services include mergers and acquisitions, reverse splits (consolidations), and any exchanges required as a result of acting as Depositary or Paying Agent
  • Exchanges are set up quickly and efficiently on our service platform to provide clients with on-demand, accurate reporting

Stock Splits, Spin-Offs, Stock Dividends

  • Odyssey’s automated system for stock splits, dividends and spin-offs allows us to quickly provide a report of the entitlements based on any rate and fractional handling and execute on the delivery of securities on the effective date with the push of a button
  • DRS securities are sent out quickly by email where an email address and consent is provided