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Simplify and empower your team. Participants can view current award balances and historical transactions in downloadable eStatements format or CSV/Excel. They can exercise their awards, request the sale of vested shares and make tax elections. They can accept grants online and make tax elections and enroll in purchase plans. Form filing, task notifications, AGM voting, proxy voting and surveys are simple and seamless.

This exclusive partnership is intended to allow both companies to expand their footprints in the Canadian Employee Equity Compensation, Corporate Trust and Transfer Agent Services markets. We are able to offer our clients marketing leading software supported by in-depth industry expertise, while adding our local regulatory experience to ensure compliance with Canadian regulations. Odyssey’s clients will have access to the best in class software platform that is used worldwide and is recognized for its streamlined user experience, compliance, real time trading, reporting, plan customization features, and communications capability.

Switching providers or upgrading from managing your stock plan on spreadsheets doesn’t have to be painful. Our onboarding process is smooth and seamless, and you’ll be guided by a team of experts every step of the way.

Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIPs) are programs that provide a potential award to key employees above and beyond their basic salary. An LTIP offers incentives and bonuses over fixed long-term periods, usually more than three to five years.

We provide an easy-to-use platform for both publicly listed and private corporations. Tailored with your branding, we become an extension of your business and our CEP-certified experts become part of your team. As your company grows and evolves, we keep an accurate record of changes in ownership, stock dilution and your investors in one clearly defined and manageable space.

Odyssey is a full-service transfer agent and trust company with offices across Canada (Vancouver, Calgary) and Co-agents in Toronto, Colorado, London, Hong Kong and Australia. We make it simple, fast and easy for our clients and their shareholders.


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