virtual medallion guarantees

We make it simple, fast, and easy to obtain a Medallion Guarantee. 

Odyssey offers convenient virtual appointments, eliminating the need for in-person meetings and courier fees.

Medallion Guarantee in 3 Easy Steps

Note: This service is offered to shareholders of Odyssey clients only.

How it Works

Odyssey's Medallion Guarantee stamp warrants that, at the time of signing:


As a member of The Security Transfer Association of Canada (STAC), it is Odyssey’s policy to adhere to STAC’s guidelines for transfers, which indicate that, in order to transfer registered securities, certificates must be signed and “Medallion Guaranteed” by a North American bank, broker, investment dealer or other institution under an acceptable STAMP, SEMP, or MSP Medallion Signature Guarantee program, OR a “Signature Guaranteed,” Signature and Authority to Sign Guaranteed” or “Endorsement Guaranteed” by one of the 3 participating Canadian Schedule I banks.

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