Notice and Access

Canada’s National Instrument 54-101 and 51-102 enables issuers to limit the amount of physical material included in a proxy mailing package thereby reducing the printing and postage costs associated with your securityholder meeting.

Notice-and-Access provisions came into effect in 2013. These rules give issuers the opportunity to mail a single notice with their proxy that outlines their meeting details and provides information on how to access the proxy materials online.

Benefits of Utilizing Notice-and-Access

  • Reducing your company’s carbon footprint by reducing printed and shipped materials.
  • Cost savings due to fewer printed booklets and cheaper postage rates.


Important Considerations for Notice-and-Access

Review whether the business corporations act your company follows allows for use of Notice-and-Access. Some acts require that an Information Circular be mailed when proxies are solicited, and when Annual Financial Statements are mailed to securityholders.

  • The Record Date for the meeting must be no fewer than 40 calendar days prior to the meeting date (NI 54-101 section 2.7.8.)
  • The mailing date must be no fewer than 30 calendar days prior to the meeting date (NI 54-101 sections 2.9 and 2.12)
  • Abridgement of timelines cannot be used for an issuer using Notice-and-Access for the first time.
  • Printed copies of the Notice of Meeting and Management Information Circular are still required (at greatly reduced quantities) due to standing instructions in place from the securityholder.
  • Securityholders have the right to request a full proxy package at no charge for a period of one year following the meeting.
  • The proxy materials are required to be posted to a non-SEDAR website for a period of one year following the mailing date.
  • A Notice-and-Access mailing must contain: a Proxy or Voting Instruction Form, Notice, and if applicable, a Request Form for a paper copy of the reporting issuer’s Financial Statements and MD&A.
  • A toll-free telephone number is required to allow securityholders to either ask questions about Notice-and-Access or request a full set of material.
  • Requests for material must be fulfilled within three business days prior to the meeting date, and within ten business days following the meeting, for up to a period of one year.


Odyssey can assist with all your Notice-and-Access requirements. Please reach out to your Account Director if you would like more information.

Our Services

Our services to assist issuers in complying with these provisions in National Instrument 54-101:

Creating a “Notice and Access” notice that will be mailed with your proxy

Web hosting your full set of proxy materials

Fulfilment services, including a 1-800 number securityholders can call to request hard copies of your proxy materials

Maintaining a list of registered holders that have declined to receive materials by Notice and Access

To use Notice and Access for your next meeting, please let your Director know when you provide your Meeting Information Form.

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