Corporate Trustee Services in Canada

Our services include:

Trustee on publicly or privately issued debt

Escrow Agent

Warrant Trustee or Agent

Security Trustee or Agent

Subscription Receipt Agent

Other Trustee Roles

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Corporate Trust Services

What are the benefits of using a corporate trustee for our deposit or escrow transactions?

Corporate trust is our core competency. With Odyssey, you have a dedicated corporate trust professional providing expert advice and safeguarding your funds, assets and/or securities. We pride ourselves on our expertise, efficiencies and being a cost-effective option for our clients. Most importantly, appointing an experienced, impartial third party, gives all parties involved in the transaction peace of mind.

Can we use a corporate trustee for our investment fund? What about acting as a “bare” trustee?

We act as corporate trustee in many different situations, including for investment funds, “bare” trusts and special purpose trusts. In these situations, having an experienced corporate trustee with fiduciary responsibility may be required for legal, regulatory or marketing reasons. Having us involved as your corporate trustee will ensure that you have continuity over the full term of the trust and give you comfort that the rights of holders and beneficiaries will be protected.

We’re thinking about issuing debt or warrants and we’ll need to have a corporate trustee involved. Why should we use Odyssey?

Our corporate trust professionals are experts in their field and we pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations. We have over 20 years of experience leading complex trust transactions. Most importantly, we’re driven to get the deal done and we have the nimbleness to work on our clients and their counsel’s timelines.

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