Odyssey Trust's meeting Date Calculator

for canadian issuers

Our calculator provides a suggested schedule of dates and activities for your securityholder meeting in accordance with the requirements of National Instrument 54-101.

Please contact Odyssey no later than one business day before your Start-Up Date with your chosen dates and a completed Meeting Information Form.

Will Notice & Access be used?

Meeting Schedule

Step Required Activities Parameters (with Notice & Access) Calculated Date

Start-Up Date

Notice of Meeting & Record Date to be filed on SEDAR (CSA and Exchange)
Notice of Meeting & Record Date Filed with CDS
25 days prior to Record Date
2. Search requests to Intermediaries (to obtain Beneficial Holders mailing counts) 20 days prior to Record Date
3. Meeting Publication in Newspaper(2) 7 days prior to Record Date

Record Date

40 to 60 days prior to Meeting Date(3)(4)
5. Delivery of bulk Proxy Materials to Broadridge Canada 30 days plus 4 business days prior to Meeting Date(6)
6. Delivery of bulk Proxy Materials to other Intermediaries 30 days plus 3 business days prior to Meeting Date
7. Mailing Proxy Materials to Registered Securityholders (and NOBOs if mailing directly)(5) 30 days prior to Meeting Date
8. Intermediary Proxy Material Mailing to Beneficial Holders 30 days prior to Meeting Date
9. Proxy Voting Cut-Off Date 2 business days before Meeting Date (recommended)

Meeting Date

40 to 60 days after Record Date(3)(4)

  1. The time between Start-Up Date and Record Date may be less than 25 days under certain circumstances. Please refer to the Abridging Time provisions of National Instrument 54-101 ("NI 54-101").
  2. This publication is required for issuers incorporated under the Business Corporations Act (Canada) (“CBCA”), Business Corporations Act (Alberta) (“ABCA”) or Business Corporations Act (Ontario) (“OBCA”) and must be made in a city where the issuer's registered office is located and each city where transfers of shares can occur.
  3. Odyssey recommends at least 45 days before the Meeting Date. Choosing a Record Date that is less than our recommended number of days prior to the meeting may cause difficulties in receiving final mailing quantities from Broadridge prior to printing deadlines.
  4. The following are the maximums allowed between Record Date and Meeting Date:
    ABCA – 50 days
    OBCA, BCBCA and CBCA – 60 days
  5. National Instrument 51-102 ("NI 51-102") requires issuers that are not classified as venture issuers to file annual financial statements and MD&A on SEDAR no more than 90 days after the issuer's year-end and requires venture issuers to file the same no more than 120 days after the year-end. In both cases, the annual financial statements and MD&A must be mailed to those holders that have requested them in accordance with NI 51-102 no later than 10 calendar days after the Filing Deadline. Note that ABCA and CBCA issuers must mail annual financial statements and MD&A to all registered holders unless they have specifically declined to receive the material.
  6. If you choose to deliver bulk materials to Broadridge USA, this delivery must go by overnight courier at 30 days plus 6 business days (with Notice and Access) or 21 days plus 6 business days (without Notice and Access). Typically, Odyssey will complete all deliveries and the mailing to registered holders on the date that the earliest bulk delivery occurs.

Disclaimer: Our Meeting Date Calculator is provided to our clients to assist in determining the schedule of activities and dates for an upcoming Annual or Special Securityholder Meeting. It does not constitute legal advice. Please contact Odyssey Trust or your legal counsel to ensure that the dates provided are in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.