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Odyssey is a premier provider of transfer agent, trust company and registrar services.

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Our trusted & experienced team at Odyssey provides leading transfer agent and trust services.

At Odyssey, we believe that simple is better in the transfer agent and trust company space.  With the expertise of our team, track record of delivering personalized service and unwavering ability to quickly execute on client requests, we make things simple, fast and easy for our clients. 

As a leading transfer agent supporting issuers trading on US and Canadian exchanges, the Odyssey team manages shareholder registration and reporting, processing of share issuances, cancellations and redemptions, as well as ensuring issuer actions are handled accurately, efficiently, and on time. 

Shareholder records management & online access

Administration agent for corporate activity

Gatekeeper of all security issuances, cancellations and redemptions


Odyssey Transfer and Trust Company: A Transfer Agent that Goes Above and Beyond

As an innovative, nimble and client-service-driven transfer agent, the Odyssey team understands the needs of our clients at all stages of their life cycle.  Our mission has always been to provide clients with exceptional personalized service and reliable support, with the belief that, when it comes to transfer agent and trust services, simple is better.

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We Are Your Leading Transfer Agent for Both Public and Private Companies

At Odyssey we pride ourselves on being a premier provider of transfer agent and trust services for both public issuers and private companies. Odyssey is forward-thinking and responsive, leveraging innovative solutions to complement our core transfer agent and trust company services.

Making the move to Odyssey is simple, fast, and easy, as proven by our hundreds of clients who seamlessly switched to a transfer agent who offers superior service, rapid execution and comprehensive product offerings.

Public Issuers - FAQ's

  1. Odyssey is a cost-effective solution for both public issuers and private companies.
  2. If you value responsiveness, personalized service and an experienced team you can trust, we’d love to talk with you about working together. Our goal at Odyssey is to offer an alternative to the traditional “big box” transfer agents.   
  3. We love to find solutions. Our Client Services team can help you assess options for providing solutions to common or uncommon challenges.
  4. You have access to the broader team at Odyssey. Our management team will make themselves available to work through the most complex transactions.

When clients transition to Odyssey, the process is seamless. Our team will lead the onboarding process and work with the outgoing transfer agent to ensure a timely and accurate transition of the shareholder records. We will work with you to gather the required documentation and prepare any communications to your shareholders.

We give our clients peace of mind by making things simple, fast, and easy.

As an innovative, nimble and client-service driven transfer agent, Odyssey understands the needs of our clients at all stages of their life cycle.

We have proactively enhanced our business by incorporating value-add service offerings into our portfolio.  In addition to our core transfer agent and trust company services, we support our clients by offering cost-effective and robust press release packages, employee plans management, cross-border capabilities, and whistleblower services, .

Private Companies - FAQ's

While you may have a small number of shareholders and transfers or issuances to process, you might be relying on your law firm to perform these services, which can be relatively expensive. Alternatively, you may have assigned these responsibilities to an employee who is juggling many priorities and may not have the time and/or expertise required. A transfer agent can perform these services to relieve the burden on your law firm or your employees with a specialized system, reporting and industry knowledge.

Odyssey is committed to providing the highest level of local, personalized service to both you and your shareholders. We deliver this through innovative software, online tools and seasoned industry professionals that are available to you any time. We offer your shareholders book entry statements that remove the hassle of replacing lost certificates or turning them in if you choose to go public. Our services include compliance with all relevant regulations and guidance on restricted or legal securities transfers.