Frequently Asked Questions & Forms

Have a question for us? Take a look at the list of FAQs below for quick answers to the questions we hear the most, as well as frequently used forms.


DRS is a service that allows registered securities to be held and transferred electronically without having a physical security certificate issued. This form of ownership permits securityholders to transfer and deposit securities more easily. The infographic (linked below) provides additional information about DRS Statements. 

If you are a registered shareholder, the easiest way to change your address is by registering for Odyssey’s online tools. Register for online access through the Login link above and selecting the Securityholders login option.

Alternatively, you can complete an Account Update Form (linked below) and submit the form by visiting and selecting “I am a shareholder or the holder of other securities (ex: warrantholder)”, then selecting “Update my mailing or email address or other account information”.

You may also fax the form to the number on the Account Update form. 

Our team can assist you with this. Simply click here and select the option to “Request a Medallion Guarantee Appointment”.

A medallion guarantee may also be obtained from a broker-dealer, some Canadian banks and most US banks, a clearing agency, savings association, or other financial institution that participates in a recognized Medallion program such as STAMP, SEMP or MSP. There is a searchable database of STAMP participants available here and the following are some potential medallion services providers:

United Kingdom:


Online – US residents only:

Please complete our Account Update Form (linked below) and deliver following the instructions thereon.

We recommend contacting your Guarantor institution for their document requirements to obtain the medallion guarantee stamp. You will complete and sign the Securities Transfer Form in their presence. The Guarantor may also require the physical certificates or a statement evidencing the account number for uncertificated shares prior to affixing the Medallion Signature Guarantee.

Please note, the stamp must be legible and may not be dated or annotated. A Notary Seal is not a substitute for a Medallion Signature Guarantee.

The Presenter Transfer Fee Schedule is linked below.

To pay your invoice, please go to and under “I am”, choose “Paying an Invoice”. Please enter the invoice number from the attached invoice to ensure your payment is applied to the correct invoice. Then click on the “Pay with Stripe” button to securely provide your credit card information.

Complete the Securities Transfer Form (linked below) in full following the instructions noted thereon regarding a signature guarantee from a recognized Medallion program or an eligible Guarantor institution, such as a bank, broker, or credit union.

Note: Odyssey can assist you with obtaining a medallion guarantee. Simply click here and select the option to “Request a Medallion Guarantee Appointment”.

Next, submit all required documents to us with the relevant DRS statement or original securities certificate.  

Provide your DRS statement to your brokerage firm or other financial institution that houses your account, and then their back-office will process the transfer/deposit. 

Complete the DRS Deposit Request Form (linked below) and submit with the original securities certificate(s). We will mail or securely email your DRS statement to you.

As a shareholder of a Canadian domiciled entity, we are required by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) to determine with greater certainty that as a non-resident of Canada, you, as the recipient of dividend, distribution or interest income, are the beneficial owner of the securities for which the payment is being made, and that you are a resident of a country with a reduced treaty rate for non-resident withholding tax. Without an NR form on file, the default non-resident withholding tax rate of 25% will be withheld and remitted to the CRA on any future payment. Once received by us, the NR3 Declaration will remain valid for a period of three years. Individuals, joint tenants and individual trustees/trusts must complete NR301, partnerships must complete NR302 and Corporations and all other Entities must complete NR301 or NR303 as applicable.

Complete the Securities Transfer Form (linked below) in full. If you are able to obtain a signature guarantee from a recognized Medallion program or an eligible Guarantor institution, such as a bank, broker or credit union, we do not require any supporting documents because the Medallion guarantee certifies that you have the authority to sign.