US Listings

As one of the only cross-border transfer agents with Canadian and US processing capabilities, we’re able to

manage your existing US listing or expedite your DTC eligibility process for a new listing.

DTC Eligibility for New US Listings

Simplified DTC Eligibility for New US Listings

Listing on a US exchange is becoming more and more popular for Canadian issuers who want exposure to US markets. The first step to listing in the US is to become DTC eligible. 

Becoming DTC eligible may seem complex, but as a cross-border transfer agent that acts as both a CDS and DTC FAST Participant, Odyssey has established a simplified process for its clients which can result in eligibility being approved quickly – typically, no more than a few weeks. 

Please contact us at for more information on our simplified DTC Eligibility process.

Existing US Listings

Managing Existing US Listings

Odyssey is one of an exclusive group of transfer agents who are permitted to process securities on both sides of the border. We have a significant number of clients who are listed on US exchanges – whether it be OTC Markets, NASDAQ or NYSE – and we’re able to share our wealth of knowledge of US markets across our client base. 

An important value-add for our clients is having both their Canadian and US listings handled under one roof, with one point of contact for both exchanges. We often receive feedback from our clients that this has made their lives “much easier”. 

In addition, we routinely interact with US brokers and US shareholders and we have a reputation of being one of the most efficient firms in US shareholder communication and processing non-standard requests, such as US legend removals. 

Please contact us at for more information on how we manage existing US listings.