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Transfer Agent and Trust Services

At Odyssey Trust, we specialize in working with private issuers, venture issuers and small/midcap TSX issuers.  As an independent trust company, we bring efficiencies to these companies that result in significant time and cost savings. 

Public Issuers

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I already have a transfer agent. Why should I move to Odyssey?

We started Odyssey because we knew the market in Canada was missing an independent trust company that could deliver on exceptional service and cost-effective solutions for its clients. If you value a local point of contact, one person to handle all of your needs and an experienced team you can trust, we’d love to talk with you about working together.

My fee schedule is confusing and I think I might be overpaying. How is Odyssey different?

We have a simple, activity based fee schedule that ensures you only pay for the services that you use. Although we don’t market ourselves as a “cheap” option, we’ve found significant cost savings for our clients based on our fee schedules and the flexibility we have as an independent transfer agent to work with our client’s needs.

If I decide to move to Odyssey, how does the transition work?

We believe that the transition to Odyssey should be seamless for our clients. Normally, it only takes one 5 minute call with your CFO or legal counsel and then we take over from there. We deal with your out-going transfer agent directly and our systems are set-up to make the records transfer quick and easy.

Our services include...

Transfer agent/Trustee for public issuers

  • Hassle-free, accurate record maintenancefor all classes of your securities
  • Online access to reporting
  • Online account information/maintenance for securityholders
  • Direct support and communication with yoursecurityholders
  • Dividend, Distribution and Interest Paying Agent
  • Dividend Re-Investment and Stock Dividend Plans
  • Exchange Mandated Escrow Agent
  • Securityholder mailings - printing services, NOBO mailings and e-delivery
  • Meeting services-planning, setup, proxy tabulation including online voting, scrutineering
  • SEDAR filings

Corporate Trust

  • Security Trustee or Agent
  • Debt Trustee
  • Warrant Agent or Trustee
  • Escrow Agent
  • Subscription Receipt Agent
  • Collateral or Security Trustee
  • Fund Trustee

Corporate Actions

  • Name changes, consolidations, stock splits, stock dividends, mergers
  • Depositary on take-over offers with automated reporting
  • Plans of arrangement etc.