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Transfer Agent and Trust Services

At Odyssey Trust, we specialize in working with private issuers, venture issuers and small/midcap TSX issuers.  As an independent trust company, we bring efficiencies to these companies that result in significant time and cost savings. 

Private Companies

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I'm a private issuer. Why do I need a transfer agent?

While you may have a small number of securityholders and transfers or issuances to process, you might be relying on your law firm to perform these services, which can be relatively expensive. Alternatively, you may have assigned these responsibilities to an employee who is juggling many priorities and may not have the time and/or expertise required. A transfer agent can perform these services to relieve the burden on your law firm or your employees with a specialized system, reporting and industry knowledge.

Okay, so a transfer agent makes sense for us. Why Odyssey?

Odyssey is committed to providing the highest level of local, personalized service to both you and your securityholders. This is accomplished with innovative software, online tools and seasoned industry professionals that are available to you any time. We offer your securityholders book entry statements that remove the hassle of replacing lost certificates or turning them in if you choose to go public. Our services include compliance with all relevant regulations and guidance on restricted or legal securities transfers.

Our services include...

Managing your securityholder register and reporting

  • Hassle-free, accurate record maintenance for all classes of your securities
  • Processing transfers and vetting of accredited investor forms
  • Online access to lists and reports

Support for and communication with your securityholders

  • Responsive, personalized service
  • Provided by local industry experts by telephone or email
  • Online access for securityholders to view holdings and update information

Processing treasury issuances, cancellations and redemptions

  • Quick and efficient turnaround
  • Fully electronic processing from receipt of instructions to delivery of entitlements
  • Direct Registration System (DRS) statements eliminate lost certificate claims

Mailing and meeting services for your securityholders

  • Maintaining quarterly and annual financial statement mailing lists
  • SEDAR filings for reporting issuers
  • Online securityholder proxy voting, tabulation and scrutineer services

Corporate actions

  • Name changes, consolidations, stock splits, stock dividends, mergers
  • Depository for take-over offers with automated reporting
  • Dividends and distributions